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How do I make an investment?
How do I make an investment?
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We have set out instructions for making an investment below.

This article has two sections to help you make an investment.

  • Find a company you want to invest in

  • Invest in the company

Find the company you want to invest in

A. Start at Browse the site or otherwise 'Sign-up or Login' to create an account or login to an existing account.

Sign up

Log in

B. Visit company profile page for the company you are interested in investing in. It is here you can learn about the company, watch the company pitch video, communicate with the company and then invest.

C. Visit the company investment page. If you're interested in investing and want to learn more, navigate to the company investment page and click 'View Investment Offer' or the 'Invest' tab from the company profile.

Example — 'Invest' tab

Example — 'View Investment Offer'

D. Risk warning and disclosure. To access the investment offer details and documents, you'll need to read, acknowledge and agree the CSF risk warning and disclosure. The general crowd-sourced funding risk warning will pop-up when you select the 'Invest' tab or 'View Investment Offer' button. In order to access the company investment page, you will need to read and agree the risk warning and click 'I Agree, Continue.'

E. Investment offer documents and details. On the company investment page, you will be able to access and view the investment offer details, including the minimum and maximum subscription amount, share price, pre-money valuation (on a fully-diluted basis) and the investment documents including the CSF Offer Document, Company Constitution and Subscription Agreement.

F. Begin the investment application

Invest in the company — 7 steps to invest

Step 1. Sign-up and login

Sign up for or log in to your Birchal account if you have not already done so. Select 'Next.'

Step 2. CSF offer document and risk acknowledgement

Download and view the company's CSF offer document. You will need to acknowledge that you have read it, and also that you have read, understand and accept the general CSF risk warning.

Accept the risk acknowledgement by clicking 'I Agree, Continue.'

Step 3. Enter your details

Enter your full legal name, address and investor type.

The steps below follow the process for an individual retail client.

If you want to invest more than $10,000 as a 'wholesale client,' invest via a company, SMSF or trust, or are from overseas, please see —

Example —

If it is the first time you have used the Birchal platform, you will be sent an SMS from Birchal to the mobile number entered at step 3 with a one-off verification code. You will need to input the verification code before proceeding.

Example —

Step 4. Select your investment amount and rewards

Confirm your investment amount and rewards (if any).

All investments are in Australian dollars.

Example —

Step 5 — Submit your ID information for verification and confirm your investment

Enter your proof of identity and confirm your investment by clicking 'Invest.'

Example —

You will also need to:

At this step, your investment application has been successfully submitted and is legally binding.

See —

Step 6 Authorise payment

Select a payment method for your investment.

Example —

Step 7. Confirmation summary

Example —

You will receive confirmation via email to acknowledge your investment.

Example —

Not what you're looking for?

See —

Need help? Contact [email protected]

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