Firstly, you'll need to sign up to Birchal, create a profile and, if available, select 'view investment offer' on the company you'd like to invest in. This is different to submitting an expression of interest (see screenshot below).

Once you have read through the company offer document and CSF Risk Warning, simply enter the amount you wish to invest on the investment offer page and click 'invest'. 

Then, you'll need to complete your details and get past Step 5 to confirm your investment:

If you want to invest more than $10k or through a SMSF, read this first.

Once confirmed, your investment will be reflected on the campaign and you will receive confirmation via email to recognise your investment. You can also keep up to date and view your investment by visiting My Portfolio anytime. 

How can I check if my investment is complete?

Now that your investment has been reflected, here's a breakdown of the payment process for each investment:

  1. You’ve completed your investment (Pending payment status): this means that we’ve received all the information we need right now. No funds will actually be taken from your account at this point.

  2. We’re capturing funds: We notify all investors, via email, 3 business days in advance of capturing funds through direct debit. Once we receive the funds, we will send a confirmation email. Note: this can take up to 3 business days.

  3. We’ve captured your funds: Once your funds have been captured, your payment status should switch from ‘pending’ to ‘confirmed’.

For more information on payments and international transfers, please review these related articles to assist you:

Payment for Direct Debit

Making an international investment

Investments can be made from $50, unless the issuer (company) has chosen to increase the minimum investment threshold.

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