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What is the subscription agreement?
What is the subscription agreement?
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The subscription agreement is an agreement between you, the investor applying for shares, and the company making the CSF offer.

It set out the terms and conditions of your investment, including:

  • the company's obligation to issue shares to you

  • your obligation to pay for the shares you applied for

  • important representations and warranties you and the company make to each other about your ability to lawfully enter into the subscription agreement

  • what happens if the minimum subscription amount is not reached and the offer is unsuccessful

  • confirmation that the investment rewards will be delivered (if applicable)

By applying for shares under a CSF offer, you enter into the subscription agreement and agree to, and are bound by, its terms.

The subscription agreement will be available for you to review on the Birchal platform during the investment application process.

NOTE: Birchal is not a party to the subscription agreement.

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