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What is the CSF offer document?
What is the CSF offer document?
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The crowd-sourced funding (CSF) offer document is a regulated disclosure document. This means all companies seeking to raise funds under the CSF regime must prepare a CSF offer document & publish it on a CSF platform.

The offer document is intended to give potential investors enough information to make an assessment on whether or not to invest in the company.

The offer document must include the following key information:

  • description of the business, business model and business strategy

  • financial statements for the last financial year prepared in accordance with accounting standards

  • directors and senior managers and other key team members

  • corporate structure

  • capital structure, including a description of all securities issued before and after the CSF offer

  • proposed use of funds raised under the CSF offer

  • key terms of the offer, including the minimum and maximum subscription amount

  • key risks facing the business

  • a description of the rights associated with the shares and the company's corporate governance obligations

  • a description of investor rights, including information about cooling-off rights and the communication facility for the offer

  • other relevant information

You must read the CSF offer document before you participate in the CSF offer and make an investment application. Please seek independent legal, financial or other professional advice if you need it.

Please see When can I read the CSF offer document? for more information about when the offer document will be available.

You will also have an opportunity to ask the company questions about the CSF offer document in the "communication facility" (i.e. the discussion board) after the CSF .

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