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Introduction to crowd-sourced funding
What is the crowd-sourced funding offer campaign?
What is the crowd-sourced funding offer campaign?
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A CSF offer campaign is a 2-4 week campaign where eligible companies make an offer of fully-paid ordinary shares in the company to the public (i.e. to retail and wholesale clients) using a CSF offer document published on the Birchal platform.

During the period the CSF offer is open, you will be able to:

  • Review the CSF offer document

  • Review the company's constitution

  • Ask the the company questions on the communication facility

  • Formally submit an investment application and apply for shares in the company via the Birchal platform

  • Make payment for your shares

There are usually two parts to every CSF offer campaign β€” a 'private' phase and a 'public' phase.

In the 'private' phase, the CSF offer is available to investors who have made an expression of interest (EOI). It is an 'early access' period.

In the 'public' phase, the CSF offer campaign is available to everyone (regardless of whether or not they submitted an EOI.

Some CSF offers reach the maximum subscription amount during the 'private' phase. So if you love a company, it's important to make an EOI during the EOI campaign to get early access.

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