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What is the expression of interest (EOI) campaign?
What is the expression of interest (EOI) campaign?
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An expression of interest or "EOI" campaign is a 3-4 week marketing period preceding the CSF offer campaign where companies can seek non-binding indications of investment interest from the public.

This is an important campaign for companies as it gives them an understanding of what the market interest is in their offer and how much they may be able to raise. It also gives potential investors the opportunity to learn about the company and their upcoming CSF offer.

During the EOI campaign, you will be able to learn about the company's story and watch their pitch video on their Birchal company profile, attend the company's webinar, get company updates and ask the company questions.
If you love a company, it's important to make an EOI so the company knows you're interested. You may also get updates, early access to the CSF offer and be eligible for delayed payment terms and early bird rewards. Some CSF offers reach the maximum subscription amount during the 'private' phase. It's important to EOI so you don't miss out.

Below are examples of what a company profile will look like for a company currently running an EOI campaign.

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