Every Birchal campaign has a 'private' and a 'public' offer period during a company's capital raise. It's a way for those who expressed interest (EOIs) to view an investment offer exclusively before it is broadcast to a wider network.

Some of our campaigns have hit their maximum target during the private raise period, meaning that if someone wasn't on the EOI list, they missed out on participating in that deal and the round closed early!

What are the perks to expressing interest and investing during the 'private' period?

You'll be able to identify if a campaign is still in its private period by this little label on their investment portal.

Invest Now, Pay Later - Exclusive to the ‘Private Raise' Period

If you make an investment during the private raise period of a campaign, Birchal won’t process your payment until the end of the raise - Usually we process payments straightaway. When making your investment during the private period, you’ll still need to provide your payment details, but no funds will change hands.

Early Bird Rewards

Some companies will have exclusive rewards for their EOI list and early investors who enter the round and support their campaign during the private period, which is not available during the public campaign. To see which companies are offering exclusive rewards, you'll need to express interest in their campaign during the EOI period and keep an eye on your emails!

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