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What is the communication facility?
What is the communication facility?
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As a CSF intermediary, Birchal is required to provide a "communication facility" (i.e. discussion board) for each CSF offer while the offer is open or suspended.

The purpose of the communication facility is to allow a potential investor, the company making the CSF offer and Birchal (as CSF intermediary) to communicate with each other about the offer.

The communication facility is accessible to anyone who is able to access the CSF offer document. They can make posts about the offer, see posts about the offer, ask the company questions about the offer and ask Birchal (as CSF intermediary) questions about the offer. The company and Birchal can also respond to questions and comments.

You can access the communication facility by logging in to your Birchal account, navigating to the company profile page on the Birchal platform and selecting the tab entitled 'Discuss.' You may be required to verify your identity before posting on the communication facility.

All comments made on the communication facility must be made in good faith and must be relevant to the CSF offer.

Birchal will monitor posts on the communication facility. We may remove posts if they are misleading or otherwise unlawful or clearly irrelevant.

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