To pay for your shares via bank transfer, nominate 'Australian Bank Transfer' as your preferred payment method at step 6 of the investment application.

Alternatively, log in to your Birchal account and update your payment method to 'Australian Bank Transfer' via 'My Portfolio' > 'Pending Applications' > '[Company Name]' > 'Add/Change Payment Method+'

If this is your first time setting this up, you will see a green button called 'Create Account.' If you have set this up previously, you can simply complete the transfer using the details provided.

Please ensure you click 'I've Completed The Transfer' once you have transferred the funds so that our system recognises that funds are on their way.

NOTE: A bank transfer can take up to 5 business days to reconcile. Please ignore any failed payment notifications or other messages until expiration of this period.

If you have any issues paying via bank transfer, please contact [email protected].

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