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How do I pay via direct debit?
How do I pay via direct debit?
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If you're in Australia and would like to pay for your shares via direct debit, you need to nominate 'Direct Debit' as your preferred payment method at step 6 of the investment application and agree to have your payment collected via direct debit.

If you selected 'Pay Later,' you will need to revisit your 'My Portfolio' to complete the payment process.

You can also log in to your Birchal account and update your payment method to 'Direct Debit' via 'My Portfolio' > 'Pending Applications' > '[Company Name]' > 'Add/Change Payment Method.'

You can find your scheduled payment date via 'My Portfolio' > 'Pending Applications' > '[Company Name]' > 'Payment Details.'

Birchal will provide you with 3 business days notice to update your bank account details and have your funds available for withdrawal.

NOTE: Once the direct debit commences, it can take up to 5 business days to finalise your payment. We will notify you by email when we have received the funds.

If you have any issues paying via direct debit, please contact [email protected].

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