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How do I invest over AUD $10,000 or as a wholesale investor?
How do I invest over AUD $10,000 or as a wholesale investor?
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Set out below are the instructions for how to invest over $10,000 or as a wholesale client.

Before starting, you will need evidence of your "wholesale client" status — this is typically in the form of a qualified accountant certificate prepared within 6 months of your investment application.

See our article 'What is the difference between a retail client and wholesale?' for information about getting your accountant certificate.

You can download a template account certificate via the link below.

TEMPLATE - Accountant's certificate certifying wholesale investor status.docx

Complete steps 1-4 in 'How do I make an investment?'

Then complete step 5 as follows:

Step 5. Submit your ID information for verification, upload your accountant certificate and confirm your investment

Enter your proof of identity, upload your accountant certificate in PDF and confirm your investment by clicking 'Invest'.

You will also need to:

At this step, your investment application has been successfully submitted and is legally binding (subject to our review of your accountant certificate). Your application will be "Under Review" until we have reviewed your accountant certificate.

Return to 'How do I make an investment?' for Step 6 onwards!

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