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How to make an investment
How do I invest via a SMSF?
How do I invest via a SMSF?
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You should seek independent advice on whether it is permissible for your self-managed super fund (SMSF) to invest in CSF offers.

Set out below are the instructions for how to invest via a SMSF.

Then complete step 3 as follows:

Step 3. Enter your details

You will need to enter the details of the trustee (as the legal owner of the shares) and the details of the SMSF (as the beneficial owner).

The trustee can be either an individual or a company. For example, '[Individual Trustee Name] ATF [SMSF Name]' or '[Corporate Trustee Name Pty Ltd] ATF [SMSF Name].'

Please note, we do not support joint trustees. See our article Can I make a joint application for shares?

The person making the application must be the trustee of the trust (or a director of the corporate trustee) and authorised to make the investment application.

To select your trustee type use the 'Investment Entity Type' and 'Trustee Type' drop-down menus.

If it is the first time you have used the Birchal platform, you will be sent an SMS from Birchal to the mobile number entered at step 3 with a one-off verification code. You will need to input the verification code before proceeding.

Example —

Return to How do I make an investment? for Step 4. onwards!

If you want to invest more than $10,000 as a 'wholesale client,' via a company or trust, or are from overseas, see —

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