What you'll need available before hand:

  • Mobile phone (to verify your mobile number)

  • Passport Number or License NumberĀ 

  • Wholesale investor Certificate (as a pdf document)

See our guide on obtaining a valid and up-to-date Wholesale Investor Certificate for Equity Crowdfunding in Australia.

Following the steps to guide you on the process.

Enter your Investment Amount

  1. Sign up to Birchal with your First Name, Second Name, Email Address

  2. From here, you will need to go to your profile information and ensure 'Yes' is selected under the Wholesale Investor option

  1. Head to the Company Profile site and select "View Investment Offer"

(If you're not signed in, you may need to again!)

2. Agree to the Investment Offer Document

3. Enter your details and confirm your mobile number

Other notes:

4. Choose an Investment Reward (if applicable)

5. Enter your Identification details and upload your Wholesale certificate

Note: you'll need your Wholesale Investor certification available at this stage

6. Enter your Payment details (for Direct Debit)

Note: if you are making a payment via Bank Transfer - you can close the screen at this stage. See guide on making a Fund Transfer

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