The investment process as a company into an investment offer follows the same structure as an individual investment would, and so the general process from start to finish can be explained in this article.

If you're investing as a company, you'll need to complete your application in a different way at step 3.

The first step is to ensure you've ticked to invest as a company, and not an individual:

Once you've confirmed that you're investing as a company, you can then complete the fields below. Starting with your company name, then the registration number. Your company name is what appears on your share certificate, so please double-check this.

We'll require the director's legal name making the application as well as the date of the director.

It's important to note that we need the company address on file as this will be associated with your account, and your company address needs to be on file for any correspondance.

This is only in the event that the company you've invested in chooses a share registry provider that sends share certificates by mail.

We never send anything by mail at Birchal, but these details need to be correct for future reference.

If you have any further questions regarding this subject, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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