Birchal accepts investment from outside Australia. Below is a full guide to making an investment and an international payment. 

Investment Process
Once you're on the company page - you'll see a widget on the top right corner specifying some detail of the existing investment offer and it's closing time. If it's closed - you will not be able to invest. 

View Offer

After you click "View Offer" - you must agree to the Risk Warning then Enter your investment amount. Click "Invest" to open the 6 step on-boarding process.

Step 1: Signup to Birchal

Step 2: Download the CSF Investment Offer Document & Click 'I Agree'

Step 3: Select an Investment reward and view other tiers 

Step 4: Enter your details, and ensure you untick the "Australian Resident" option (if applicable). 

Step 5: Enter your mobile number and identification.
Note: you will receive a text message to continue to the payment step.

Step 6: Making an international payment

You will be required to transfer the full investment amount in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Often banks charge hefty fees to make international transactions, however there's a few new payment services available to make cheaper international payments. See our
 Guide to making an international payment or funds transfer

Note: You do have the option to Pay Later at this point, however you'll need to re-visit the website again and visit your "My Portfolio" page to confirm your payment (see screenshot below).

My Portfolio
See screenshot for the Investment Portfolio below - this can be accessed from the link directly below: 

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