Birchal accepts investment from outside Australia. 

However, please note that offers on Birchal are made under the Australian securities regime. People wishing to invest from outside Australia must satisfy themselves that it is lawful for them to invest from the jurisdiction they are in.

As an example, in certain circumstances investing in an overseas offer like this could potentially breach non-Australian securities laws, and may cause tax complications in the case of any potential future returns on the investment.

Birchal does not give any advice or assurance to non-Australian investors, and encourages investors to seek their own professional advice on their individual circumstances prior to making any investment.

Making an International Investment 

Below is a full guide to making an investment and an international payment. 

Investment Process
Once you're on the company page - you'll see a widget on the top right corner specifying some detail of the existing investment offer and it's closing time. If it's closed - you will not be able to invest. 

View Offer

After you click "View Offer" - you must agree to the Risk Warning then Enter your investment amount. Click "Invest" to open the 6 step on-boarding process.

Step 1: Signup to Birchal

Step 2: Download the CSF Investment Offer Document & Click 'I Agree'

Step 3: Select an Investment reward and view other tiers 

Step 4: Enter your details, and ensure you untick the "Australian Resident" option (if applicable). 

Step 5: Enter your mobile number and identification.

Note: you will receive a text message to continue to the payment step.

Step 6: Making an international payment

You will be required to transfer the full investment amount in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Often banks charge hefty fees to make international transactions, however there's a few new payment services available to make cheaper international payments. See our
 Guide to making an international payment or funds transfer

Note: You do have the option to Pay Later at this point, however you'll need to re-visit the website again and visit your "My Portfolio" page to confirm your payment and the details required to confirm the transfer.

Example image below - your details will be different to the example shown.

Where do I see the status of my investment?

My Portfolio
See screenshot for the Investment Portfolio below - this can be accessed from the link directly below: 

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