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I've invested. What's next?
When will I receive a return on my investment?
When will I receive a return on my investment?
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It depends! When you make an investment under a CSF offer, you should consider this a "medium to long-term" investment. You are purchasing shares in an unlisted company and these are generally considered 'Illiquid' - they not traded on a public exchange like the ASX and so you may not be able to easily transfer the shares or sell them when you want to.

Many companies that make a CSF offer are new, early stage or rapidly growing ventures. Companies in the early stages of the business usually have many years of hard work ahead of them in order to grow the business and execute on its strategy. This is what your investment money will be spent on.

There may be various events or ways for you to receive a return on your investment. For example:

  • the company undertakes an IPO and lists on a securities exchange

  • the company undertakes an exit event, like a sale of the company

  • you transfer your shares to a third party and a price for the shares is agreed

  • the company declares dividends (see — Will I receive dividends from the company I invested in?)

  • the company undertakes a share-buy back

  • the company participates in a trade facility, like Birchal Trade

At this early stage, it is not likely to be reasonable for a company to predict when one of these options might eventuate or what that the return on investment might be (if any).

We recommend you read the company's constitution and CSF offer document carefully to satisfy yourself of the investment opportunity and associated risks. You should also review additional company material and attend their webinar.

If you are unsure, we recommend you seek independent financial, legal or other professional advice.

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