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Will I receive dividends from the company I invested in?
Will I receive dividends from the company I invested in?
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Maybe! It will depend on the company and its dividend policy.

Many companies that make a CSF offer are new, early stage or rapidly growing ventures. This means, many of these companies in the early stages of the business may not currently be profitable or choose to re-invest any profits back into the business to fund future growth (rather than pay those profits to shareholders as dividends).

This is different from public companies listed on a securities exchange like the ASX. Those companies are more mature - they may have the ability to retain some profits for growth and distribute some profits to shareholders.

Companies may change their policy on dividends from time to time. This means, in the early years the company may not declare dividends but then in later years they may change that policy and declare dividends to shareholders.

For more information, please carefully review the company's Constitution and the CSF offer document for information about the company's dividend policy. We also recommend you review company material and attend their webinar.

You can also also ask the company.

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If you are unsure, we recommend you seek independent financial, legal or other professional advice.

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