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What is the pre-money valuation?
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The company's pre-money valuation will be available on the company investment profile.

The pre-money valuation is set by the company. It is the valuation before the company has received any investment under the CSF offer.

The pre-money valuation is calculated on a "fully-diluted" basis, as follows:

Pre-money valuation = No. of shares on issue (fully diluted) x CSF offer share price.

Example: $4,000,000 (pre-money valuation) = 4,000,000 (issued shares) x $1 (CSF offer share price)

The number of shares on issue (fully diluted) should include:

  1. all issued shares (of all classes)

  2. all options, warrants and ESOPs

  3. all SAFEs, convertible notes or other convertible securities

  4. all other outstanding securities (as converted)

The post-money valuation will be calculated as follows:

Post-money valuation = Pre-money valuation + Amount raised under the CSF offer

Example: $5,000,000 (post-money valuation) = $4,000,000 (pre-money valuation) + $1,000,000 (amount raised under CSF offer)

For more information about how the company has set its pre-money valuation, you should read the CSF offer document and ask questions in the communication facility.

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