When you purchase shares in a company under a CSF offer, you are purchasing shares in a private company or an unlisted public company. These types of companies are not "listed public companies" and the shares are not traded on a securities exchange like the ASX.

As shares in a private or unlisted public company are not traded on a public market, share ownership and the price of the shares can be difficult to value.

This is different for listed public companies - the share price is widely available because the shares are regularly traded on a securities exchange.

While you continue to hold shares in the company, there may be various events or ways for you to find out the price of your shares or the company's valuation. For example:

  • if the company undertakes a public offering of securities (like another CSF offer)

  • if the company raises other types of capital via debt or equity

  • if the company issues new shares

  • if you transfer your shares to a third party and a price for the shares is agreed

  • if the company undertakes an IPO and lists on a securities exchange

  • if the company undertakes some other exit event, like a sale of the company

  • if the company decides to undertake a valuation and discloses this in a shareholder update

If you have any questions about the valuation of the company or the price of your shares, we recommend you contact the company.

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If you are unsure, we recommend you seek independent financial, legal or other professional advice.

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