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How much are my shares worth?
How much are my shares worth?
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When you purchase shares in a company under a CSF offer, you are purchasing shares in an unlisted company that are not traded on a securities exchange like the ASX. Because they aren't traded on a public market, the price of the shares can be difficult to value.

Most investors will hold their shares at the price they paid for them unless there is an event that gives new information about the value of the company such as:

where the company:

  • issues new shares (e.g. via another CSF offer)

  • raises other types of capital via debt or equity

  • undertakes an IPO or undertakes some other exit event, like a sale of the company

  • decides to undergo a valuation and discloses this in a shareholder update

where you transfer some of your shares to a third party at an agreed price.

If you have any questions about the valuation of the company or the price of your shares, we recommend you contact the company.

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