You've submitted your investment application and are ready to pay for your does it all work?

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  1. Payment options

  2. Change preferred payment method

  3. Share price vs payments

Read on, to find out more about Birchal Payments.

Please note you will need to be logged into Birchal to perform the following actions.

1. Choose a payment method at the time of your investment (Step 6)

During the Birchal investment application, you will be asked to nominate a payment method. Depending if you are investing from Australia or overseas:


For Australian investors direct debit is the recommended option. If you want to complete a bank transfer and the 'domestic' option is not available to you at the time of your investment, then please select 'foreign bank transfer', select 'pay later' and follow the instructions to complete a domestic Bank Transfer.

Quick link: See your payment status in 'My Portfolio'.


For International investors TransferWise is the recommended option.

A few notes:

Once your payment has been successfully received by us, you will receive the following email:

2. Updating your payment method after you have submitted an investment application

If for any reason you need to change your payment method before we begin to process your investment, please head to your portfolio page and update your payment method as below:

Step by step:

  1. Login to Birchal & navigate to My Portfolio

  2. Select 'Update Payment Method'

  3. See the options below and follow the instructions to complete your investment.

3. Share price vs payment

Why are you collecting a payment that is less than my intended investment amount?

Sometimes you pay less than your intended investment amount and this is because your investment amount may be rounded down in some scenario's to ensure that only whole shares are paid for.

If a company is offering shares at a Share Price of $3 and you make a $50 investment, we will round down the investment amount and collect a payment of $48 for 16 shares.

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