Generally, you have 2 options to increase your offer on Birchal.

  1. Invest again 

  2. Cancelling and Re-invest (only available during the 5 day cooling off period)

Invest Again
To simply top up your investment, head back to the company's offer page and submit the additional amount you'd like to invest.

Step 1. You will be asked to confirm your top up amount and you must tick the box to continue. See example below:

Please note that retail investors are limited to a combined investment total of $10k. Learn about more requirements here.

After the additional investment is confirmed, it'll appear in your portfolio as a separate investment transaction, however, your investments will be combined in your final share certificate.

Investment Rewards
By default, investors get the investment reward at the combined investment total so don't pay too much attention to the rewards chosen in your My Portfolio. Any further questions on this should be communicated with the company either privately through the Send Message option or through the Discussion board.

Share Registry

During the settlement process, Birchal will provide a transaction list to the registry. All  investment transactions will be importing as separate investment transactions, however, our share registry partners will show an investment holding total for each company - a combined total for all investments. 

Demo example

Cancelling and Re-invest
During the cooling-off period (5 business days after you invest), you have the additional option to cancel your investment and re-invest in an investment offer.

See the Cancellation guide

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