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What is the cooling-off period?
What is the cooling-off period?
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If you are a "retail client" you have an unconditional right to withdraw your application for shares made under a CSF offer within 5 business days of making the application. This is referred to as your cooling-off rights.

A retail investor is someone who invests an amount under AUD$10,000 or less (per company per year).

You can exercise your cooling off right for any reason (i.e. change of mind). To exercise your cooling off rights, you must cancel your investment.

You will not be able to withdraw your investment application once the 5 business day cooling-off period expires.

NOTE: A "wholesale client" who invests more than AUD$10,000 in a CSF offer does not have legal cooling-off rights and may not be able to cancel their investment application.

If you have paid the application money and exercise your cooling-off rights, we will return your application money as soon as practicable.

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