If you don't do international payments regularly - it may seem daunting. Below is a guide to help make this process easier and hopefully more cost effective.


There are two ways to see the bank details for your Birchal investment - either on Step 6 on the investment guide when you're making an investment or in 'My Portfolio' when you click "Add Payment Method" (screenshot below).

Transfer Funds to Birchal

You have a 2 key options here:

  1. use your own bank to transfer internationally or 

  2. use a third party international payment provider such as Wise (recommended)

1. Use your own bank to transfer internationally

You should see this as an option in your online banking. Alternatively - you can visit a bank branch to complete the transfer. Either way, you'll need all the information provided below.

**Note that all fees associated with an international bank transfer must be included in your payment. If the fees are not included, the amount we receive may be less than your investment amount as fees are deducted from the amount sent. Birchal is not responsible for any fees incurred for international payments.

Key Information:

Account / Beneficiary Name: Zai Australia Pty Ltd
Swift Code: CUSCAU2S
Australian BSB: 803320
Account Number: 100187970
Reference/Description: {unique ref to your investment}

Bank Name: Cuscal Limited
Bank Address: 1 Margaret Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia

2. Use a third party international payment provider. 

There are numerous services on the market for international payments and you're welcome to use your preferred service, but we've integrated Wise into our process for ease of use. 

You should be able to clearly see what your investment amounts to in your currency to achieve the desired Australian dollar (AUD) amount. From here, you will be directed to Wise to complete your investment. 

Should you wish to understand more about this process, please refer to our article below.


See our Guide to transferring funds through Wise here.

Get started with Wise:

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