Every company looking to raise capital on Birchal completes two campaigns with our team: the EOI Campaign and the Live Offer.

What's the Difference?

The EOI campaign is a 3-4 week marketing period where companies can seek non-binding indications of investment interest from the public. This not only helps a company understand what the market interest is in their offer (and how much they might be able to raise), but it also gives potential investors the opportunity to meet the company team and learn more about the upcoming offer before anyone else.

People who EOI get exclusive first access to an offer before it is officially 'released' to the public and can also be eligible for Birchal's delayed payment terms.

An example of the EOI form is below:

To enter the party you need to invest in the Live Offer. Here's an example of what that looks like!

The Live Offer is where you submit a 'real' application for shares in the company and actually invest in said company. Some quick guides to help you:

Below is an image of what the investment page looks like. Once you hit 'Invest' you'll be guided through a six-step process where your investment will be confirmed on Step 5.

Not sure if it went through? See if your investment is incomplete using this guide

Once you have invested, you'll have a 5 day 'cooling off' period where you can withdraw your application if you have invested less than $10k AUD, no questions asked.

What if I don't EOI?

If you choose not to express interest in a company, you can still invest in the offer but you will not be able to access the page until the company 'releases' their opportunity to the public. The page below is an example of what you'll see if you try to access a company's private offer if you're not on the EOI list:

An example of an 'private offer' page if you have not EOI'd

You'll also miss out on campaign updates, any special investor rewards and a first look at the company's offer terms. When you head to a company profile page, if you are not on their EOI list you'll need to ask permission to view the offer. Companies have also been known to have fully funded from the interest on their EOI list, which means they never release the offer to the public. So If you don't want to miss out, make sure you express your interest!

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