First up, all shares purchased through Birchal, or any crowd-sourced funding (CSF) offer, are fully owned ordinary shares. For specific information on the rights associated with your shares, that will differ from company to company. Make sure you read the Offer Document and Company Constitution before making an investment, or if you're still stuck seek professional advice.

Retail Investor vs Wholesale/Sophisticated Investor

  1. A Retail Investor is anyone over the age of 18, who can invest up to $10,000 AUD in an offer within a 12 month period. In exchange, you'll receive securities in that company in the form of shares.
  2. A wholesale Investor is someone who is eligible to invest more than $10,000 AUD in a company through CSF. To determine if you are eligible, you will need to provide evidence of wholesale status at the time of your investment. This will be required on step 5 of the investment process (pictured)

See here about personal details we collect to complete your investment.

Buying Shares as an Individual, as a Company, through a SMSF or a Trust

In all Birchal offers, when investing in a company you will get to step 3 of the investment process where you can determine what sort of entity is investing into the offer.

You will need to determine at this stage who is going to be the owner of the shares. Options below:

An Individual - You are investing as an individual and will therefore be entering your residential address.

A Trustee or Trust. If you are a Trustee, choose individual at this stage. Since a trust is not a legal entity it cannot directly own shares in a company. The trustee of the trust must be listed as the owner of the shares for the benefit of the trust.

Examples of what to write below in LEGAL NAME:

  • <your name> AFT <trust name>. ie. John Birchal AFT Birchal Family Trust
  • <business name PTY LTD> AFT <trust name> Birchal Pty Ltd AFT Birchal Financial Services

See more on investing on behalf of a child here

A Company. You will need to input your company name, type and registration number, as well as the company address.

A Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF). Please note, if investing via your SMSF, you should seek independent advice on whether it is permissible for your SMSF trustee to invest in CSF offers. Everyone’s circumstances are different.

See our guide on investing through a self managed super fund

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