The Birchal team have a variety of knowledge and experience that is all part of the package when companies look to raise capital to Birchal platform, which we believe is one of the key sources of our strength in the marketplace!

We have entrepreneurs, marketers, lawyers and analysts across the board that are passionate to help companies connect with the right audience for their offer. Every campaign is unique to our team and we develop lasting relationships with companies we work with - here’s what you need to know.

What's our primary role? Legal & Compliance!

Our primary role as a CSF intermediary is to ensure that the offers published on our platform are compliant under ASIC's crowd-sourced funding (CSF) regulations RG 261 & 262. We also hold an AFSL to process investor payments.

(L-R), Matt, Kellie & Adam

The legal team (above) are responsible for providing you with templates and guidance in the preparation of your offer document, and conduct the relevant background checks on your directors and senior manager to ensure all matters are appropriately disclosed to investors before your offer campaign (the second campaign).

Once you’ve got cracking on your first campaign with us, the legal team come in to start guiding you on the preparation of the Offer Document and other relevant legal material (see what you need to know here).

However, our team does not provide advice on terms of the offer relating to company valuation, company structure, share price or information of this nature unique to your company. If you need external legal, financial or accounting assistance with these aspects of your raise, we can connect you with one of our partners that get you the answers you need.

Running the Marketing Campaign: Meet your Guides, the Campaign Managers!

(L-R), Alan, Claire, Robin & Ash.

Our Campaign Managers are your first point of contact and they guide throughout the crowdfunding process. They coach and advise businesses from the get-go on what they need to prepare to run the best campaign possible and are with you every step of the way- from pre-launch planning to overfunding.

Once you complete our eligibility form on the "Raise Investment" page, you will be personally assigned to a campaign manager who will help give you the guidance you need to prepare for your EOI and offer campaign. They:

  • Review your content, Birchal company profile, pitch video script & key messaging

  • Offer guidance on current best practice (what works in campaigns and what doesn't)

  • Provide assistance on budget & resourcing (including 3rd party referrals)

  • Assist you to navigate the Birchal platform and analyse campaign data

  • Provide useful communication templates and guidance on how to engage with investors

  • Run digital advertising from the Birchal accounts in combination with company's promotion of their campaigns,

How do our best campaigns work? 

Team work makes the dream work! In our experience, the best campaigns we’ve run have always been when the collaboration between Birchal and the company fires on all cylinders across the teams. We are on hand to support you through our expertise and to offer advice when needed. When companies take our advice and pair that with their unique community you really can’t go wrong!  

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