A CSF intermediary plays a significant role under the CSF regime by operating the platform through which a company offers shares in the company and investors invest money in exchange for shares.

A CSF intermediary must hold an Australian financial services licence authorising it to provide a crowd-funding service. The role and obligations of a CSF intermediary under the CSF regime are prescribed by law, including specific obligations that apply in recognition of our important role as a ‘gatekeeper’ for our platform. We are regulated by ASIC.

As the CSF intermediary, our role includes:

  • operating an online platform through which a company offers shares and investors invest money in exchange for shares

  • ensuring a company is eligible to make an offer under the CSF regime

  • publishing a CSF offer document prepared by the company that meets certain minimum content requirements and is presented in a 'clear, concise and effective' manner

  • holding investor money

  • passing investor money to the company when the offer is complete

  • performing checks on the issuing company and its directors and senior managers

  • implementing certain investor protections

  • managing some of the risks identified by International Organisation of Securities Commissions in relation to crowd-sourced funding to help ensure that investors and offering companies can be confident in using the CSF regime

Please see our Financial Services Guide and CSF Investor Terms & Conditions for more information.

Also see ASIC's regulatory guides RG261 Crowd-sourced funding: Guide for Companies and RG262 Crowd-sourced funding: Guide for Intermediaries.

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