Retail investors have a 5 business day cooling off period (starting the day after you make your investment application). This means retail investors can cancel their investment application within 5 business days of making the application for any reason (e.g. if they change their mind).

To exercise your cooling-off rights, you must cancel your investment via the Birchal platform in the "My Portfolio" section (look for "My Investments", "Pending Applications').

After the 5 day cooling off period has expired, retail investors will be unable to withdraw their investment. Your investment application is a contractual agreement between you and the company which you agreed to when you applied for the shares, and the company has the right to pursue payment for your investment if they would like to.

In the scenario where a replacement offer document is issued by the company during the CSF Offer period on the Birchal platform, retail investors are entitled to a 30-day cooling off period from the day the replacement offer document is published on the platform. This provides retail investors an opportunity to reconsider their investment.

"Wholesale" investors that invest more than AU$10k in a CSF Offer do not have cooling off rights and may not cancel their investment in during the 5 day cooling off period.

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