Australians: We will typically use your Australian driver's licence or passport to verify your identity, and it must match the details provided in Step 3. For overseas investors and to learn about other forms of ID, please read on.

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Verifying your Identity

To use the Birchal platform, you will be required to provide us with some information about yourself so that we can verify your identity.

We try to make this as seamless and easy as possible for you, using best in class technology.

However depending on your circumstances, the communications you receive, and the information we require may differ from person to person.

We have provided some information about how we verify your identity, and how we'll communicate with you about this below. But if you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

Providing information when making an investment

Prior to this point, you will have completed Step 1 & 2 in the Birchal platform (logging in and confirming you have read the Offer Document for the relevant campaign)/

Entering your details on Step 3

When applying to invest in an offer on the Birchal platform, you will be asked to provide your details at Step 3 of the investment wizard.

Please take care when entering your personal information at this step. On Step 5 (confirmation) we'll ask for an identity document number so we can verify your identity, so you need to ensure the information you enter on Step 3 matches the information on the identity document you'll provide at Step 5.

Submitting documentation at Step 5 (Confirmation)

If you are based in Australia, we will typically use your Australian driver's licence or passport to verify your identity.

Some overseas identity documents may be accepted as well. If you have a non-Australian document you would like to use instead, please select the relevant country from the drop down list and review the document options available.

As mentioned above, the information you enter on Step 3 (Your Details) must match the information on the identity document you'll provide at Step 5. If it doesn't, we may have difficulty verifying your identity which could restrict your use of the Birchal platform.

Where is my document/card number?

Depending on which state your drivers licence is registered to, the document/card number will be located on the front or back of the card.

ACT: Front of the card and runs vertically alongside the photo


Before June 2019: back of the card and on the bottom right:

After June 2019: Front of the card and in the middle bottom:

NSW: Front of the card and on the top right


Back of the card post November 2020:

On the bottom left pre November 2020:

SA: Back of the card and on the top right

TAS: Back of the card and on the top right

WA: Back of the card and in the middle on the justified right

VIC: Not required to input the document/card number

Communication if we're having difficulty verifying your identity

If for whatever reason we can't verify your identity with the information you have provided, we will contact you by email and/or SMS to let you know.

We may require you to check that the information you have provided is correct, and matches the identity document information you have provided, and to re-submit that information.

We may also ask you to upload a copy of your identity document via our secure document upload function.

Please note, if we require further information from you, although your application will not be affected in the first instance, we will not be able to settle your investment until we have verified your identity.

We may also cancel your application if we do not receive a response from you within a reasonable time, or if we are still unable to verify your identity after additional investigations.

If you have any questions about this, please contact [email protected]

An example of an email we may send to you in this situation is below.

A note about privacy

Your privacy is important to us, and so is being transparent. Our Privacy Policy is available here -

As a technology company and provider of online services, the information we collect is predominantly held in a digital format.

We are serious about the security of the information we collect. To protect this information we take reasonable steps, such as contractual, administrative and industry standard technical solutions to help protect against unauthorised access, disclosure or misuse. We also review our security procedures periodically to consider appropriate new technology and updated methods.

Birchal has engaged a reputable third party trusted by some of the world's top banks, fin-techs and financial institutions to assist with electronic identity verification of Birchal users.

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