After your payment has been processed, we aim to settle your shares within 6 weeks from the date we received your payment. Shares are settled after the campaign closing date. Note: if your payment is late it may be slightly longer.

Issuing Share Certificates

Typically, the companies engage a 3rd party registry service to manage the share registry for the business. This registry service (or the company) will notify you via email when the shares have been issued. The email will include instructions on accessing your account and viewing the share certificates.

Please ensure you routinely check your spam/junk folder as emails from share registries may land in there.

Examples of share registries that may contact you are Cake Equity, Boulevard, Registry Direct, Automic, Orchestra, etc.

Your share information can be found in your portfolio on the Birchal website. Click on 'access share certificate' and a new screen will open that takes you to the share registry website.

If you are not able to access your share registry account, click the three dots next to 'actions' in your portfolio and then click 'send message'. You can then email the registry provider for assistance.

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