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How do I access my share certificate?
How do I access my share certificate?
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Once the company issues your shares to you, the following will happen:

  1. The company will issue you are share certificate as legal evidence of your ownership of the shares; and

  2. Your name will be recorded in the company's "share register" as the owner of the shares.

Companies that have made a CSF offer will typically engage an online share registry to manage their share register.

Your share certificate will be issued via the company or the share registry directly (not Birchal).

The company or the share registry will notify you via email when your shares have been issued with instructions on how to access your share certificate.

Please ensure you routinely check your spam/junk folder as emails from share registries may land in there.

You will need to create an account with the share registry to access your share certificate. You can also easily access the share registry and your share certificate via your Birchal Account.

To access your share certificate, login to your Birchal Account and select 'My Portfolio' > 'My Shares' > '[Company Name]' > 'Access Share Certificate.' From there, you will be redirected to the relevant share registry website.

Example below:

If you are unable to access your share registry account and share certificate, you will need to contact the share registry or the company.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you keep a copy of your share certificate β€” this is your legal evidence of share ownership in the company.

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