What is the company discussion board & why do we have them?

As a CSF intermediary, we must provide a communication facility for each CSF offer while the offer is open.

The purpose of the communication facility is to help inform investment decisions through frank discussion in good faith, allowing potential investors, the company making the CSF offer and for Birchal to communicate with each other

about the offer.

The facility must enable a person who accesses the CSF offer document to:

  • make posts about the offer;

  • see posts about the offer; and

  • ask the company making the offer, or Birchal, questions about the offer.

Where can I find the discussion board for my company?

You can find the discussion board for your company either via the menu at the top of your company profile or using the relevant URL during your Offer Campaign only.

i.e. https://www.birchal.com/company/goodempire/discuss

How will I know someone has posted on my discussion board?

When someone posts a new comment on your discussion board, the creator of the Birchal company profile will receive an email from [email protected] looking like this:

You can respond by clicking 'View Discussion'. If you are unsure about how to answer a discussion post when the comment relates to CSF or you would like to see if it can be taken down, please forward this email to your campaign manager ASAP.

Is it possible to have posts removed from the discussion board?

As an intermediary, we can remove posts from the discussion board if they are misleading, otherwise unlawful or clearly irrelevant.

We cannot remove communications from the facility because they are negative or critical towards the offer, you, or an offering company.

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