By now, your team should understand the eligibility requirements to raise capital on our platform, chatted to a campaign manager and understand the role of the Birchal team in your campaign.

As a quick recap, how does the process work?

Birchal has a 9-12 week process:

Phase 1 - Prepare to launch an Expression of Interest, or "EOI" (3 weeks approx.)

Phase 2 - The EOI ( the pre-offer, expression of interest campaign)

Phase 3 - The Offer Campaign (where you are actively raising capital!)

Phase 1 - Preparation (~3 Weeks)

The first 3-4 weeks of our process is when companies typically prepare for their EOI campaign. The goal of this phase is to help you understand how to run the best campaign you can using data-driven insights.

We recorded a podcast that covers the preparation of your EOI campaign & covers everything you need to address in phase one, as well as what to consider before even get started on the equity crowdfunding journey.

Listen here:

Pumped to begin? To get started on your campaign, please be sure to read the full process and begin your company profile on Birchal here:

Phase 2 - The EOI Campaign (~3 Weeks)

The 3 week EOI campaign is an essential step in our process and key to understanding market interest in your offer. It allows our platform to collect data about who your potential investors might be (from your network, our network, and a network acquired through digital advertising efforts) but most importantly, how much you might be able to raise in the offer campaign.

Key items companies need to prepare for their EOI campaign (about 3-4 weeks):

Some companies like to outsource some of this work. Find a partner via the Birchal Partner's page.

Don't worry, the Birchal platform will give you all the resources you need to organise the above once you have completed your free company profile.

It is also during the EOI campaign that companies finalise their Offer Documents and key legal requirements to launch their live offer. You'll receive guidance from your campaign manager and the Birchal legal team prior to your EOI campaign about how to get ready for this.

Phase 3 - The Offer Campaign (~3 Weeks)

Time to go live! The Offer Campaign is where companies receive commitments of investment from both their EOI list and a broader audience on the Birchal platform. Our platform can facilitate investments from retail investors, wholesale investors, companies, trusts and SMSFs, which you can learn more about here.

Your Campaign Manager will give guidance on how to have the best start to your campaign, and it will run for either 3 weeks or until you hit your max target - whichever comes first! We usually run the Offer Campaign directly after your EOI - for example, you'll wrap up the EOI on Monday and then launch your offer the next morning!

The key items companies need to run an offer campaign:

  • All the assets used during the EOI campaign (same video, similar digital marketing efforts, email communications)

  • An approved Offer Document, Company Constitution & Subscription Agreement

Post Raise

Once your campaign is done, dusted and successful, we begin the settlement process. Companies will need to choose a registry provider (where they'll host their investors) and we will continue to pull funds for investors once their 5 day cooling off period has completed.

We can usually pull over 85% of the funds within 2 weeks of the offer closing, and the remainder of the funds about 4 weeks after that. Once your campaign is finished, you'll have a 'settlement' meeting with the Birchal team to cover everything you'll need.

You can learn more about your obligations post-raise here.

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