Here's our guide to quickly check if your investment has been approved by Birchal so you don't miss out on an investment opportunity.

1. First Up: An EOI is not an Investment

If you have submitted an 'expression of interest' (EOI) through the Birchal platform, it simply means you have expressed interest to invest in an offer, but haven't actually submitted an investment application. You'll only be able to submit an investment application once an investment offer opens.

If you have completed an EOI, you will still need to return to the Birchal platform and complete your investment.

What's the difference between an EOI & an Investment?

2. Double-Check you've Completed the Investment Process

When submitting an investment application, there are two main stages. The first stage is hitting 'invest' on the company investment page, which takes you to Stage 2: entering your investment details.

You have successfully submitted a full investment application ONLY after you've passed "STEP 5 - CONFIRMATION".

3. Check Your Emails

We'll send a confirmation email to the address associated with your Birchal profile. Check your inbox, updates or junk folder for our message. Also chk yr email address spelling on your Birchal profile - if there's a typo, you won't have received the email and you'll need to contact [email protected]

4. Lastly, Check Your Investment Status in 'My Portfolio'

All successfully submitted investment applications will be under the tab labelled 'pending applications' (ie pending to be settled) where as the 'incomplete' tab will show investments you've not yet finalised. Navigate to this page and if the offer is still open, you'll be able to complete your investment.

Note: Only investments in 'Pending Applications' are the ones we'll request payment for. For example, you might have 5 incomplete investments and one successful application - we will only request payment for your successful application.

If you have accidentally made more than 1 successful investment application and you'd like to cancel one of your investments, read more about our cancellation process.

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