The good news is, any company with a published profile on the Birchal site can continue to collect investment interest before & after their active Birchal campaign.


Use the Follow Button

Each published Birchal profile has a 'follow' button at the top of their profile - before, during and after any active campaign they run on the site. This button is always 'on', meaning a new potential investor can become a 'follower' of your company at any time and receive your 'Thursday Activity Updates' like anyone else in your EOI or investor list.

Many companies choose to have a special page on their regular website for investors, with a button to direct traffic to your Birchal profile so you can record interest all in one place.

Some example text:

If you're interested in becoming involved with [company] as a future investor, please head to our investment profile on Birchal and 'follow' our company to receive regular updates about if/when we open our next round of capital raising. You will also be able to message our investment team from there.

Other Ways to Get Followers

Between your EOI and Live Offer (and for 2 weeks after your Live Offer closes), there is also a custom 'pop-up' box on your profile where people can input their details if they visit your page.

This pop-up will only run for 2 weeks after live offers only, and then the site will revert back to it's normal status where people need to select the 'follow' button to engage again. They will also be able to send you messages too!

How to View & Download Followers

To view and download your followers or subscriber waitlist (those who missed out investing in your round when it was open or placed their email in the 'pop up box' above):

  • Login to Birchal using the company admin details

  • Navigate to your Company Dashboard -> Resource Hub

  • From here, either download your 'Subscriber Waitlist' (only those who missed out on the investment round) or your 'Followers' in the top right for every Birchal user who is following your company.

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