During the 'private' phase of your offer, only your EOIs or users with your specific campaign URL (ie www.birchal.com/company/prepd) can access your deal room.

If a user who is not on your EOI list tries to navigate to your raise page from our main companies page , they will be served with a notice that looks like this, and they will need to request an invite to view the page:

An email will be sent to the email address used to create your company profile on Birchal, with the message below. You can choose to accept this invite or ignore it until your campaign is 'public' - up to you.

To accept the invite, you need to login to Birchal using the email address used to create the profile, and head to 'Investment Offer' -> 'Manage Invitations'.

Once there, you will be able to see who has requested to view your offer and you can 'accept' their invitation from there.

The potential investor will then receive an email like this from our platform, and will be logged in your investor tracking report. You can find this via 'Investment Offer' -> 'Investments' - download your investor tracking report from there!

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