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  1. Investors Rewards, what are they?

  2. Examples & Inspirations

  3. How to create and upload rewards to your offer

  4. Delivering Rewards

1. Firstly, what are Rewards? 

In some instances, a company will offer an incentive or a reward to somebody who decides to purchase shares. Think of it as a gift from the company to the new investor, thanking them for their investment.

A reward can range from a free product to a discount when using the company's services to anything you can think of!

However, rewards are not allowed to be monetary in value, ie. 'Invest $1000 and get $200 back in cash' or 'refer 3 friends and receive an extra 500 shares'. This is considered financial assistance to investors in the eyes of ASIC and is not allowed.

Investors are not required to accept a company's offer for a reward - so they simply select the 'No Reward' option when investing to disregard this step of the investment process. In addition, you as a company are not obligated to provide rewards in your offer but it's always a nice touch to make your new shareholders feel welcome!

2. Reward Inspiration - Favourites from Birchal. 

Low Level Rewards

Here are some of our favourite rewards on 'lower-range' investments. From left to right, Motherhood, Zorali, DC Power Co.  Click on the links to see all of their rewards.

High Level Rewards

Here are some of our favourite rewards on 'high-range' investments. From left to right, Dainton Brewery, Speakeasy Group, Tiller Rides. Click on the links to see all of their rewards.

3. How to Create & Upload to your Offer

You'll need to make sure you outline your rewards in your Subscription Agreement and also upload images to the Investment offer setup page on the Birchal Company profile.

You'll require the following info to setup a reward:

  • Minimum Investment Amount ie $500

  • Reward Title / Name (recommended less than 50 chars)

  • Reward Description (recommended less than 150 chars)

  • Reward Image (min 300px by 525px - see below the recommended size and style)

Option: If you'd like to provide investors the option to choose 'No Reward' - please create a new reward and select to 'No Reward Option' at the top on the page.

Reward Image Specification & Suggestion:

The reward images on an Equity Crowdfunding campaign is: Landscape 300px by 525px. The image must also look good when resized to Landscape 150px by 180px (this is used in the investor on-boarding process).

Example: Landscape 150px by 180px

Landscape 300px by 525px:

Investors will view both versions of the image.

4. Delivering Rewards

It's up to the company offering the rewards to deliver them to their new investors. You can download a list of shareholders who have selected rewards from your investment page on the Birchal Company Dashboard, which will include the reward level they selected, their email and address etc. 

Our advice would be to deliver your rewards in as timely fashion as possible - this is where the bulk of investor complaints come from! 


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