Can I Gift My Shares?

Short answer: Gifting shares is It's not as simple as you'd like to imagine and we don't have a function to gift shares (at this time) on Birchal. 

Should you wish to gift shares, we cannot advise on this procedure and will ask that you seek your own advice.

Purchasing Shares on Behalf of a Child 

Please note the below is not to be taken as professional or financial investing advice. Please seek advice from professional for further information. 

Unfortunately, investors must be over 18 years old to invest in offers on our platform. There is, however, the possibility to invest on behalf of a son/daughter as a bare trustee, which is done by specifying the legal name field when you make your investment.

<Your name> ATF <Your son/daughter's name or Trust Name>. 

That way, you as the parent/guardian will be the legal owner of the shares, but their name will appear on the share register.

Example: "Ms Anne Smith ATF The Smith Trust" means that Anne Smith will be the owner of the shares but The Smith Trust will appear on the share registry. “ATF” meaning “As Trustee For”.

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