Everything on your Birchal company profile is visible to your potential investors. This is where you make your first impression and clearly communicate your company, team, and offer in the best light possible! 

Browse our Companies Page for inspiration on how to put your profile together!

You already know how to setup a company profile, but what should you write?

You'll also see when setting up your profile there are options to attach your social media handles, website links and more than one video. We recommend to companies to make your pitch video the first video, and then back up the rest of your profile with maybe a product video, a news segment, or something else that you think would be of interest to your audience.   

Word Count
We have deliberately made the word-count limited on each 'section' of your profile. We want to give potential investors a 'taste' of your business, so make sure your language is clear, snappy & succinct!

Hi-Res Images of people and product are always best - you want potential investors to 'see themselves' as part of your company. Whilst diagrams are fine, make them as simple as possible so important parts aren't cut out when investors look at your profile from their mobile device! More information on getting your images right here 

Headlines vs Paragraphs 

We all skim read - so make sure your profile headlines contain really interesting information like awards, positive statistics or a great catch-phrase to give your audience a solid idea of what you do in about 1 second flat. If they roll through your profile and want to go deeper on the information, then that's what your paragraphs are for!  

Example: Frankies

Now, Writing the Profile 

Taking inspiration from a typical pitch deck, there are 6 main sections of your Birchal Company Profile to consider:

  1. Company Overview 

  2. Product/Service Details

  3. Team

  4. Business Model 

  5. Mission & Objectives

  6. Industry

  7. Risks 

1/7 Company Overview

This is the first section of your profile and where you introduce your business. You have three paragraphs here, so it's always nice to give an introduction of how you started the business, a little bit of traction to date and a broad overview of what you want to achieve through CSF. The video on this section will be your pitch video.  

Example: memobottle

What image is best?
This is the second image people will see on your profile, so make it really clear as to the 'vibe' of your company/product, whether that's a team picture, customer picture etc.

What's the Button for?
See those little red buttons in your overview section? If you are keen to put in a link to a PDF on your FAQs, a more detailed pitch deck or anything else then let your campaign manager know and we can put this in our backend. This is optional

2/7 Product/Service Details 

Let people know what your company does, where it's based and who it services. If you have any endorsements from partners or customers, you can also put them here if you think it supports your product explanation.

Example: Bring Me Home

What image is best?
A high-res image of your product, app, marketplace or venue is best here, or someone using your service. 

What's the Button for?
This button links to your company website.

3/7 Team

Note: You put in details on your team in the 'team section' of your dashboard, not your Pitch Deck, although it will still show up on your company profile. 

The team section is really straightforward, and you simply add in the email address of your team member, a photograph and a Linkedin profile for them to be invited to your page - they will show up in their divisions (ie Marketing) and in alphabetical order. However, please note there is only one admin for a Birchal page. If multiple members of your team will want to edit the profile, please make a shared profile on birchal login ie [email protected] 

Pro Tip: Try to get your team section looking uniform - having a mishmash of iPhone pictures, Linkedin profiles and family holiday photos can look very sloppy!

Example: Outland Denim

4/7 Business Model

This section you'll have a summary and a description. The summary should explain briefly how your business model works, ie. if you are commission based, B2B, or a hybrid model. In your description, talk about your traction, revenue, channels or key partners. Where do your customers find you and how do you make money?
Example: Park SCC

5/7 Mission & Objectives

Talk about your macro goals in your mission statement and your plans for your raised capital in the objectives. Talk about your broad goals here - do not include financial forecasts. 

Example: Wimp2Warrior

6/7 Industry 

Assume your investors know next to nothing about your industry! You'll always look good here if you can include some industry statistics from reputable sources (ie IBIS World) or information about historical industry growth relevant to your business. Pop in a reference to your source in this section as well.

Example: Capricorn Power

7/7 Risks

The final section in your Birchal profile is the risk section. Make sure in your risk section there is a combination of risks to your industry and to your business, in very general terms...you will have an opportunity to 'deep dive' into these risks once you put together your offer document. 

Avoid stating mitigations of risk in your risk section. If you can accomodate for the potential risk so successfully, is it even a risk at all?

Example: Adviser Ratings

Once you have completed your first go at your company profile, get in touch with your Campaign Manager to review your work! Whilst they do that, go ahead and schedule your upcoming EOI Campaign. 

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