Launching your EOI

Make sure you've got the following items ready prior to launching your EOI campaign:

  • Your Birchal Company Profile 

  • Your Pitch Video 

  • Your First Posts 

  • Your First Emails 

  • The CSF Risk Warning on all videos, posts and emails you are sending out from now to the end of your CSF life. If you need a recap on the Advertising Rules for CSF, take our quiz!

  • A one-page summary of your offer to show to potential investors while you polish off your offer document. As your campaign manager for more details and examples. 

"Always consider the general CSF risk warning and offer document before investing."

Hot Tip: You will find specific details on how to do the below in the
'Launch-Day' Checklist on your Birchal Profile, but below is a recap of what you need to do. 

What to do throughout the Campaign

  • Spread the word! This is your campaign, get busy on your social media, emails, whatever channels are available to you with your pitch video and content. Hit up those friends, partners and networks with the launch of your campaign to start spreading those good vibes around.

  • Update your Birchal Activity Feed. Continue to do this weekly so an automatic email heads out to your company followers from our site with your latest news. Check out The Seabin Project Examples here. 

  • Keep aiming to post every 2-3 days on socials, and email your network at least once a week. This can be anything from news articles, company updates, thank you videos, product demonstrations to team interviews. 

  • Check-in with your Birchal Dashboard at least every 2 days to see your campaign progress, new EOIs and contact details of potential investors to reach out to! 

  • Start to prepare your Offer Documents - check out our guide on what's involved!

Remember to head to your Birchal Dashboard Checklists for more information and examples on all of the above!

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