So by now you'll be aware that part of the Birchal process is to run an Expression of Interest Campaign (EOI) prior to your investment offer so we can together assess the market demand for your company and what your raise might look like going ahead. 

Here are the core activities you need to achieve to get ready for your EOI campaign (in order)

  1. Get Started with your company profile, and check your eligibility on Birchal (if you have already done this, skip this step)

  2. Create your Birchal Profile

  3. Schedule an EOI Campaign 

  4. Create/Edit your Pitch Video

    1. Unlock the Birchal Checklists with our tips and tricks on how best to prepare! 

Assuming you've achieved step 1, let's keep going.

Next steps?

2. Create your Birchal Profile 

The video below gives you a tour of our company set-up and how to use it. 

Need help on getting image sizes right?

3. Schedule your EOI Campaign 

Once you've completed all the sections of your company profile, you need to schedule an EOI Campaign to unlock your Birchal 'Pre-Launch' Checklists. 

See our Video below on how to do this. 

Note If you have a Facebook Pixel ID on your website, here's a great link on how to install the chrome plugin to see what it is. 

What you don't need for an EOI Campaign?

You do not need to have an offer document prepared. It's always good if you've drafted one (as this saves you a headache later), but otherwise this is only required for the Offer Stage.

4. Create/Edit Pitch Video

We recommend all companies put together a pitch video for their CSF campaign. You'll usually only need to create one video for use across your EOI and Live Offer (and few versions of it at different lengths, with subtitles etc) and this is content that rockets around the internet and helps you engage investors. 

Check out our favourite pitch videos here for inspiration!

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