You can invite friends to invest into any campaign, and earn rewards for it as well.

To get started, click the 'Invite Friends' button on any company profile as seen below

That should open the following pop-up:

From here, you have three options:

Copy your unique referral link and share
Press the 'Copy Link' button which will copy your unique investment link and send it to someone else however you like.

Invite via Email
Alternatively, you can fill in the 'First Name' and 'Email Address' fields to send an email from Birchal to someone with details of the campaign. This will automatically include your unique referral code.

Social Media
Lastly, you can automatically create a social media post by clicking any of the social buttons that are there - Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

Once you've shared your referral link, if anyone makes an investment using your link then you will receive 30% of the fees Birchal charge on the investment, as well as any rewards the issuer chooses to give. Keep in mind the investment must be made through your link!

To see your referrals just head to:

For every campaign you refer people to, it will create an 'investor group'. Which shows you:

  • Page views: How many times your link has been clicked
  • Members: How many people have signed up to Birchal using your link
  • Investors total: The total amount of investment that has been done using your link
  • Incentive balance: How much you've earned for referring investors

Want to learn more? Head below to see the full terms and conditions on our Referrals Page!

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