Creating an engaging video is instrumental to the success of a Crowdfunding campaign.

If you'd like to watch some example videos first, make sure you check out this article here.

Video Script Template & Top Tips

Every video should be congruent with your brand and back story, while providing an entertaining watch for each viewer. 

While we know you can cover this, we've put together a template structure for you so that you will cover the right topics for your pitch video:

Video Specifications

You usually will only need one 'pitch video' for your CSF campaign, which highlights for potential investors who you are, who your company is, what you're hoping to achieve and why you're the best team for the job. 

Considering the goal of the video is to be shared online, there are a few considerations and versions worth producing to make sure you've got all the content tools you need! If you are not making your video yourself, make sure you let your videographer know what you need.

All Videos 

The following things must be included in all videos you produce:

  • CSF Risk Warning: " Always consider the general CSF risk warning and offer document before investing." This must be onscreen (in last 5 seconds or so) and in your video description for all videos and posts.

  • Subtitles: We recommend each video you produce to distribute to have a subtitled version that can be promoted online, as one article shows that 85% of videos on social media are played without sound.

Video Sizes

From left to right, consider these video sizes to be a range from must to a 'nice-to-have'. We recommend companies to produce their pitch video in both 16:9 and 1:1 formats at the very least. 

We recommend making uploading your  'full length' 3-5 min video to the Birchal profile. 

Video Lengths + Other Specs.

We recommend your main pitch video to be at least 3-5 minutes long to perform best on social media. That being said, there are restrictions on some Instagram placements of 15 seconds, so to be safe, aim to produce the following (in order of most important to least). You can usually edit all the videos below from your main 'full length' video. 

  • 3-5 min full-length pitch video 

  • 1 minute pitch video

  • 30 second pitch video (can make more than one of these videos that highlighting a key aspect of your business ie a team section and a tech section)

  • 15 second pitch video

Ensure your sound format is at 48kHz  audio rate and that you export it as a H.264 file for quick loading on social media. 

Once you have completed your pitch video, upload your full version to youtube or vimeo and share the link in the 'overview' section of your profile.

Final Notes

Once you've completed your pitch video, don't be afraid to produce more throughout your campaign to keep your followers engaged and updated! All content throughout the campaign will work to build confidence in your brand - so happy filming! 

Example: Zorali Investor Update on Facebook 

Example: DC Power Co 5 Questions

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