Each of the pitch video examples included below are short, efficient and effective at covering the key messages; this is why we've selected them as examples to inspire you. 

Key Messages

  • Introduce yourself - smile and show some of your personality
  • Capture people early with your mission and state the traction you've had to-date
  • What is the problem you are solving and what your product and service provides?
  • What is the size and growth of the market?
  • How your are growing your brand and company - and what's unique or different about your solution
  • How have you proven to be successful in this strategy so far?
  • How does/will the company generate revenue / what's your business model?
  • Why your are raising investment (and through Equity Crowdfunding) and what will you do with the funds raised?

Staging / Insight

Think carefully about where you shoot your pitch video and try to make the the location relevant for your audience and the service/product you provide. Remember, cut-aways, b-roll and animation are very effective at explaining things and also at keeping viewers engaged in your story and pitch. 

Engage Professionals

Creating content yourself is much easier these days because we have amazing mobile camera's and very accessible mic's to create very professional looking photo's and video. So, create as much content and b-roll yourself ahead of preparing a pitch video. Experienced producers, videographers and editors have the skills at capturing moments and using your content to create something that viewers will engage with emotionally. Use someone in your network for help or reach out to one of our partners.

Once you've checked out the videos below get our guide on creating the perfect video script and kindly Thrive included the Video Storyboard behind their record-breaking raise.

Our Favourites

Outland Denim

Thrive (see Storyboard here)

Good Earth Dairy


Female Rideshare - Shebah


Hospitality Group - Grind

Consumer Brand - Memobottle 

Craft Beer Brand - Black Hops

Fashion Brand - Bausele

Fashion Brand - Zorali

FinTech - Monzo

Medicinal Cannabis - Puro New Zealand

Coconuts - Vegan Icecream (2020)

Cafe and Cocktail Chain - Grind (2019)

Chocolate Brand - Raw Halo

Travel App - Lucky Trip

Consumer Product / Tech - Sugru

Realestate - Door Steps

Fashion / Accessories - Vivo Barefoot

FinTech App - goHenry

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