Each of the pitch video examples included below are short, efficient and effective at covering the key messages; this is why we've selected them as examples to inspire you. We also cover both local and international examples of Equity crowdfunding pitch videos below.

Birchal Campaigns

Bubble Tea Club

Single Use Ain't Sexy

Australian Honey Venture (Real Good Honey)

Seabin (Raise 2 - Apr 2021)

Outland Denim

Seabin Project - Environmental / Design Product

Thrive (see Storyboard here)

Good Earth Dairy


Female Rideshare - Shebah



International Campaigns


ParrotDog - Beer

Coconuts - Vegan Icecream (2020)

Cafe and Cocktail Chain - Grind (2019)

Travel App - Lucky Trip

Consumer Product / Tech - Sugru

Realestate - Door Steps

FinTech App - goHenry

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