During the setup of the Investment Offer campaign - you been requested to setup  investor reward(s). 

You'll require the following info to setup a reward:

  • Minimum Investment Amount ie $500
  • Reward Title / Name (recommended less than 50 chars)
  • Reward Description (recommended less than 150 chars)
  • Reward Image (min 300px by 525px - see below the recommended size and style)

Option: If you'd like to provide investors the option to choose 'No Reward' - please create a new reward and select to 'No Reward Option' at the top on the page.  

Reward Image Specification & Suggestion

The reward images on an Equity Crowdfunding campaign is:

Landscape 300px by 525px
The image below must also look good when resized to Landscape 150px by 180px   (this is used in the investor on-boarding process).

Example: Landscape 150px by 180px   

Investors will view both versions of the image - and the reward image below is viewable when the investor is making the investment and choosing the reward.
Landscape 300px by 525px:
Review when cropped from the middle to landscape 150px by 180px

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