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  1. Pay for your investment via Direct Debit (Australia Only)

  2. Fixing a failed Direct Debit payment

If you are an international investor please refer to the guide: Guide to making an international payment or funds transfer.

1. Direct Debt

When making an investment, on Step 6 in the application process (see below) you should have nominated the bank account and agreed to collect your payment through Direct Debit.

If you clicked the 'Pay Later' option (or if you're unsure whether you completed this step), you must re-visit your My Portfolio to view the status of the investment and complete the payment process. See instructions below:

Your Payment Withdrawal 

You will be able to check the payment scheduled date & investment status by Log in your Birchal Profile > My Portfolio > Pending Application > Select Investment dropdown, under Payment Details section of the drop down.

Birchal will notify you via email the date that we collect your payment through Direct Debit. We call this the Withdrawal Date.

We typically provide you 2-3 business days to update your bank information and have the funds available for withdrawal. 

We're required to settle funds immediately after the Investment Offer deadline. To avoid the investment being cancelled - you must act on payment notifications and advice promptly.

2. Fixing a failed Direct Debit payment

From time to time, payments via Direct Debit fail. If this occurs - we retry to capture an investment payment again but sometimes the bank details were incorrect to start with and we require you to revisit your investment to update the bank details used for payment.

Other reasons for a failed direct debit are not enough funds in your account or your financial institution is rejecting the direct debit request. Note that we do not know why a direct debit fails - we are only notified when it does fail but not given a reason why. Please follow up with your bank directly to find out the reason for the fail.

1. Visit My portfolio

Login to and click on the My Portfolio on the header.

2. Update your bank details

Simply overwrite the bank details and click "Confirm Payment Transfer".

If you're unable to successfully update your bank details for a direct debit payment, you may wish to transfer funds directly to Birchal Financial Services.

For instructions on how to do this, please review How to transfer funds to Birchal (Domestic Bank Transfers).

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