We prepared a short guide to help you get started with Wise (if you're not familiar with the payment service) and what information is required to complete a transfer to Birchal Financial Services.

Sign up and Get Started

1. Sign up (or Login)

2. Enter the transfer amount in Australian Dollars (AUD). Ensure you are transferring funds from your home country currency to Australian Dollars.

3. Enter your personal (or business) details

4. Choose the "Business or Charity" option to send the funds to Birchal.

Enter the following details to "Send to a business / charity"

Their email: [email protected]

Name of the business / charity: Zai Australia Pty Ltd
BSB Code: 803320
Account Number: 100187970
Address (if required): 1 Margaret Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia

5. Enter you Reference for Birchal Financial Services and Confirm (it's the 15 digit number that usually starts with "10001...")

**Note the reference number in the image below is an example only. Use the reference number found in your Birchal portfolio under 'My Portfolio' - 'Pending'

7. Choose your transfer type and continue

**Reference is example only

8. Payment Confirmation
You should receive TWO emails from both Wise and Birchal when payment and funds transfer is complete. Note that for some countries Wise may request users to transfer the funds to the Wise bank account first, and then Wise will send those funds to the Birchal bank account.

For any queries on how to complete a payment through Wise, please contact Wise Support directly at You can also search their Help Centre.

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