The fastest way to check on your investment status is by logging into Birchal and heading to My Portfolio

"Pending Applications"

These are for your successful investment applications into a company, and can be found here

The key statuses are:

  1. Investment Confirmed
  2. Under Review
  3. Payment Required
  4. Paid
  5. Settling

Investment Confirmed

This means that we have approved your investment and your application of shares has been accepted by Birchal.

If you have made two investment into one company, this will be combined into one share certificate as long as the application has been made under the same legal name.

Under Review
This means that your investment and application of shares is currently under review by Birchal. There are a number of reasons for this - and please don't be alarmed. One common reason for this is that your Investment Amount is greater than AUD$10,000 and we need to verify your wholesale certificate before we can approve the investment.

Payment Required

The round has closed and we have not yet received the payment for your investment. Please make a bank transfer as soon as you are able.


We have received the payment for your investment and will send your application to the registry provider chosen by the company you have invested into.


The registry provider is currently settling your shares, and you will receive confirmation from them via email shortly along with your share certificate.

You can also request to cancel shares from the pending applications section of your portfolio.

"My Shares"

These are where you can find more information about the companies you have invested into via Birchal

Here you can also download your investment receipt .

"Incomplete Investments"

Here is where you can find more information about the companies you have attempted to invest into via Birchal

You will not be able to continue an incomplete investment application - you will need to apply again if the round is still open.

Find your incomplete investment and head to the 'company profile' to complete another application before the round closes!

Only investments recorded in are considered valid. You will not be charged for incomplete investments.

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