Equity Crowdfunding is a mechanism that enables a group of Investors (the Crowd) to provide funding to a Company in return for an ownership stake (equity).

Birchal is an equity crowdfunding platform. We provide a way for brands and companies to profile themselves and engage with potential stakeholders. Companies looking to raise capital use the tools on our platform and work with our campaign managers throughout our process to access their core supporters, find lead investment and raise the funds they need to get to the next phase of growth!

Who can invest?

Everyone is able to participate in a CSF capital raise - with the 'official' minimum investment starting at $50. As a retail investor (ie, anyone over the age of 18), you can invest up to $10,000 within a 12 month period in a company - in exchange you'll receive securities in the form of shares. Some companies will receive a higher level of investment interest than others, and thus can set what's known as a 'minimum parcel' - this is why on some campaigns you'll see an investment minimum of $250 (as an example), not $50.

If you are looking to invest more than $10,000 in a company through CSF, you will need to provide evidence of wholesale status at the time of your investment.

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